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Mozimtec smart tools for design and production

Mozimtec is your partner in software development as well. During the last three years, we had been working in the improvement of two new programs, which are our crucial tools in design, development, and production. Our software DEIMOZ® is a program for DFMEA Analysis, and TOLMOZ® is a program for statistical tolerance analysis.

The program DEIMOZ® has been designed to fulfill the AIAG and the VDA requirements. In order to fulfill this requirements, the software has different control tools, which allow us to guarantee the monitoring of the most critical RPN (Risk Priority Numbers). These tools can be easily adapted to the customer's needs, if required.

TOLMOZ® is a program which is used to calculate statistical tolerances using the "convolution" and "Monte Carlo" methods, which are carefully integrated in the program's algorithm. So when we perform a statistical tolerance analysis, we have the advantage to maximize the tolerances of the products, allowing us to be more competitive in production and price.

To show better how our program TOLMOZ® works, we made a brief description of the methods used in the development of this software.

The first method we use is the Discrete Convolution, a mathematical operator which takes two functions "f" and "g" and deliver a third one representing the magnitude of the overlap between "f" and "g" in an inverted and time shifted form. In the production this method is very useful because it's based on physical samples taken every "n" number of pieces produced. So when this process ends, the results are convoluted, giving a graphic where we can observe the quantity of product that could be inside of the established tolerances.


The second tool use in this program is the Monte Carlo method, which is a system that generates random limited samples , in the order of thousand to millions of samples, delimited by the user. When the process ends, it makes a comparison between the samples inside the tolerances and outside of this ones, against the total number of samples created. Which allows us to calculate the probability that our products fit within the established tolerances.

The program TOLMOZ® can be used in quality control and assembly processes allowing us to monitor the quality of the manufacturing process.


As we develop both products and software, we have the flexibility to adapt to the requirements of our clients, giving them better support and higher quality products than our competitors.