1. Data protection

We appreciate your interest in our web site. The protection of your personal data is treated with special care.

We would like to point out that the transmission of data over the Internet, for example, via Emails is not protected against access by third parties. In this case, we do not have control and do not accept any responsibility.

The use and disclosure of personal data of the persons mentioned in this web site is not allowed. We do not wish to use our contact for any kind of advertising, unless there is consent in writing from us, or if there is an existing business relationship.

During your visit to our website and when downloading our files, data is processed and stored from the system (as such date and time, amount of data passed down, the file names accessed, IP address, etc.) temporarily in files. This data processing is used only for statistical purposes and they are necessary.

2. Personal data

Visit to our website is possible without providing personal data. However, if you want, you can provide your personal information on a voluntary basis. These data will not be revealed to third parties without your consent . As long as there are no legal or fiscal requirements, your personal data will be deleted immediately after receiving your instructions to do so.

3. Use and processing of personal data

Personal data received will be used solely for administrative purposes, for processing your application information as well as for the preparation of the contracts entered into between you and us. We reserve the right to provide information about your data by order of a competent authority if required.

4. Use of cookies

During your visit to our WEB site your Internet browser stores temporary Cookies on your hard drive. These are used exclusively to register your activities online and not to cause damage. In case you want to delete the storage of Cookies you can disable them in your browser, causing restrictions of access to our website quality.

5. Declaration of privacy for the LinkedIn plugin

Privacy policy for the use of LinkedIN plugins (share button). On our web site the social the network plugins of the LinkedIn Corporation are integrated 2029 Stierlin tennis, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. ("LinkedIn"). The LinkedIn plugin is recognized by the logo of LinkedIn or the "Recommend" button ("share") on our website. When you visit our pages it establishes a direct connection between your browser and the server on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gets through this connection information about your visit to our web site with your IP address. If you activate the button on LinkedIn 'Recommend' while it is connected to your LinkedIn account, you can link the content of our pages in your LinkedIn profile. Through this action LinkedIn can relate your visit to our site with your user account. We point out expressly that we have no knowledge about the content of data passed down as well as the use of the same by LinkedIN.

For more information about the object, scope, process and use of data through LinkedIN, please refer to the LinkedIn Privacy Policy under & trk = hb_ft_priv

6. Privacy statement for the use of the service

We have also integrated our service of messages from This service is provided by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. Twitter offers "Tweet". With this function you can publish messages of 140 characters with links of web sites into your own Twitter account. When you use the Twitter "Tweet" feature on our web site, is established a link between the corresponding web page and the Twitter account where this link can be posted. In this case, data is transferred to Twitter. We point out expressly that we have no knowledge about the content of data passed down as well as the use of the same by Twitter.

For more information about the object, scope, process and use information via Twitter, please refer to the LinkedIn Privacy Policy under

Twitter offers the ability to configure their own data protection under the following link: .

7. Privacy statement for Facebook ("Like") plugin

This web site uses plugins from that is provided by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 in the United States. To the users of our web site, Facebook plugin ('Like' button) establishes a connection with Facebook through the plugin, transmission takes place in your browser to bring up the plugin on the web page. With the use of this, data is transmitted to the Facebook servers, which contain information about your visit to our WEB site. This means for users connected to the Facebook that user data is allocated directly to your personal Facebook account. Whenever you activate the Facebook Plugin and at the same time you are connected as a Facebook user (for example, when you click the "Like" button or using the comments function), this data is transmitted to your Facebook account and is published. This can only be prevented if you are disconnected from your Facebook account. For more information about the use of data through Facebook, please refer to the legal provisions for the protection of data of Facebook under

8. Use of Google Maps API

This website uses Google Maps API for rendering of location maps within the legal frame of the conditions of use of this service. With the use of this website and the display of the maps you are in accordance with the processing of data from Google, its representatives or by a third service.

For more information on the use of data by Google, please consult the website

To read the terms of use by Google Maps please refer to the page