Business terms and conditions of the company MOZIMTEC S. de R.L. de C.V.

Puebla, Puebla.


1. Scope of validity.

1.1 All negotiations MOZIMTEC has with its customers are based on these general business conditions.

1.2 Deviations from these general business conditions must be agreed in writing between the customer and MOZIMTEC.

2. Object of the contract.

2.1. All quotations of MOZIMTEC are carried out exclusively on the prior and written request of the customer and are subject to confirmation. These are valid 30 days after the date of the quotation.

2.2. A contract between the parties becomes effective by the transmission of the order signed by the client.

2.3 Subsequent changes and additions to the extension of tasks have to be quoted and authorized separately and in writing between the parties.

3. Billing and deadlines.

3.1. The delivery of the results of the service or product is based on the date specified in the contract.

3.2. All prices include VAT as stipulated in the country. Shipping and packaging costs are usually borne by the customer.

3.3 MOZIMTEC has the right to adjust prices if the contractually agreed period encompasses more than 5 months, and in case the inflation rate is higher than 3.5% in the country within this time period.

3.4. A cancellation of the contract before the start of the service activities is not permitted. If the customer terminates the contract before the start of the task, the customer must compensate properly MOZIMTEC the loss of this work.

3.5. All payments must be made 20 days after the date of the invoice without deductions. In the event of failure to comply with the payment term MOZIMTEC has the right to charge default interest of 5% per mounth without prior notice. The right to assert other damage is not affected.

4. Execution of the contract.

4.1. The scope of the work is described in detail in the customer's order.

4.2 MOZIMTEC periodically informs the client about the progress of the work.

4.3 In the case where MOZIMTEC is not able to fulfill the contract, it will inform the customer immediately.

4.4. The customer has to provide, for the implementation of the project or the provision of services, all the information, documents and experiences necessary to MOZIMTEC. If the customer provides his own equipment and space, this must be recorded in writing in the contract.

4.5 MOZIMTEC provides the necessary staff for the fulfillment of the tasks.

4.6 MOZIMTEC is not responsible for the consequences in case of a delay, due to the lack of all kinds of information delivered out of time by the customer during the development of the project or work.

5. Reservation of property.

5.1 All the results delivered in the scope of the contract remain property of MOZIMTEC, until the total payment of all invoices and fulfilment of all obligations by the customer. Due to lack of underpayment MOZIMTEC reserves the rights of property.

5.2. All documentation or elements supplied by the client are retained by MOZIMTEC until the full compliance with all of the demands and obligations of the customer.

6. Privacy.

6.1 During the term of the contract and, after its completion MOZIMTEC will maintain absolute discretion regarding all the operating secrets of the customers business.

6.3 The contractual parties will sign a confidentiality agreement committing themselves not to disclose any documents, information or know-how to third parties.

6.4 MOZIMTEC and the customer must ensure the protection of confidential information.

6.5. Violations of the confidentiality agreement are punishable by law.

7. Warranty.

7.1. Any failure caused by MOZIMTEC will be corrected immediately at its costs.

7.2 MOZIMTEC is not responsible for failures caused by wrong customer information.

7.3. The warranty for all work of MOZIMTEC is valid for 2 months.

7.4. In the case of prototypes we are not responsible for damages caused by misuse or incorrect handling of the part.

8. Exclusion of liability.

8.1. Only in the case of negligence, MOZIMTEC is liable for damages. For this, the corresponding legal regulations apply.

8.2 MOZIMTEC is not obliged to cover damages that fall within the framework of product liability. In this case, the distributor of the product has only the responsibility .

8.3 MOZIMTEC does not take any responsibility in the case of small negligent damage by that at the signing of the contract were not visible nor predictable.

8.4 MOZIMTEC is not responsible for damages and consequences from implications of the results of studies and analysis.

8.5 Claims for damages prescribe one year after the completion of the work.

9. Jurisdiction.

9.1 Place of performance and jurisdiction for all services, products and conflicts is Puebla, MÉXICO.